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Old enough to know better, I've used film SLR and Medium Format cameras for over 20 years now.
Just over 4 years back, I added an Olympus E-1 to the kit.
Over 30 thousand images later, nearly 3 thousand POUNDs later, and adding a second E-1, plus lenses from 11 to 200mm and a teleconverter, I've pretty much sold all the 35mm stuff! I never used it...

Well, E-1 is now WAY too long in the tooth, and I don't get on with the E-3, so with MUCH regret, it's time to move on... I guess a D200 it is, seeing as my lad gets such great results from it.

Still keeping one body, and that lush 11-22 though.

Based in Southam, Warwickshire, UK.
t.(antispam bit) will find me.

Well, April 2012 saw a Nikon D700 join in. STILL got the E-1, as planned, for when it RAINS...


Landscape B&W

Updated: Feb 27, 2013 3:23pm PST

Britcar 24 hours, 2012

Updated: Oct 03, 2012 3:38pm PST

Spa LMS 2011

Updated: Jun 01, 2011 12:27pm PST

Spa LMS 2010

Updated: Jul 23, 2010 11:18am PST


The oldest Spitfire to see military service, K9042 was issued to the R ...

Updated: Feb 05, 2010 6:53am PST

British Gt and F3 Media Day 2009

Updated: Apr 02, 2009 5:09pm PST

Walter Hayes Trophy 2008

Updated: Nov 09, 2008 4:45pm PST

Norwich Union Classic 2008 - Gaydon.

Updated: Oct 13, 2008 9:20am PST

Tour Britannia Thursday

Updated: Sep 08, 2008 2:55pm PST

Silverstone Classic 2008 samples

Updated: Sep 08, 2008 1:37pm PST


Updated: Aug 06, 2008 4:07pm PST

Le Mans Classic 2008 - Practice

Updated: Aug 05, 2008 10:47am PST

Le Mans Classic 2008

These are literally chopped down to 72dpi. Nothing else. As I get mor ...

Updated: Jul 17, 2008 12:59pm PST

Silverstone Classic Press day 2008

All kinds of everything, at one time or another. I'll edit titles, de ...

Updated: May 09, 2008 3:21pm PST

Britcar, Silverstone, Easter 2008

Updated: Mar 25, 2008 6:22am PST


Updated: Mar 13, 2008 10:41am PST

House Build

Updated: Mar 13, 2008 9:31am PST

Landscape colour

Updated: Nov 15, 2007 3:24pm PST

Tour Britannia 2007

Tour Britannia takes some older cars around the UK to some race circui ...

Updated: Oct 30, 2007 11:59am PST

Birkett 6 hour relay, 750MC 2007

The 58th running of the Birkett 6 hour handicap relay, by the 750MC, ...

Updated: Oct 28, 2007 4:32am PST

Icon gallery to keep stats away

Updated: Oct 18, 2007 2:19pm PST

Spa 24 Hours 2007

One of THE classic races ,the Spa 24 Hours ranks second only to Le Man ...

Updated: Oct 13, 2007 3:43am PST

LMES Silverstone, 2007

Updated: Oct 11, 2007 4:12pm PST


Updated: Oct 11, 2007 4:09pm PST

Buildings, and the built environment.

Anything and everything that catches my eye around towns and cities.

Updated: Oct 08, 2007 2:43am PST

Classic Endurance Racing Silverstone 2007

Updated: Oct 01, 2007 7:05am PST

Krakow, Poland

Updated: Aug 13, 2007 7:56am PST

FIA GT Silverstone 2007

FIA GT1&2 Round 2 at Silverstone, UK, May 2007. Great Racing. Then F ...

Updated: Jul 25, 2007 7:30am PST

Climbing and related

Photographs based around hills, and mountains, rocks, and FRIENDS.

Updated: Apr 12, 2007 6:29am PST

LMES Donington 2006

Le Mans race cars round Donington Park. Perfect afternoon. 6 hours of ...

Updated: Mar 02, 2007 11:58am PST

Islay, Scotland

We went for a weeks holiday in May 2006. It's not easy, 8 Distilleries ...

Updated: Feb 20, 2007 8:22am PST

See Red Donington 2006

Updated: Oct 02, 2006 7:50am PST

Silverstone Classic Historic Racing

Some pictures from the wonderful Silverstone HSCC Classic meeting, Jul ...

Updated: Sep 12, 2006 4:11pm PST

DPREVIEW samples

Updated: Jul 24, 2006 2:54pm PST


Updated: Jul 10, 2006 2:55pm PST

Motorsport Images

Cars, bikes, F1 to 2CV cross. If I post it, it's in here...

Updated: Jun 29, 2006 3:26pm PST

Stuff n misc...

Updated: Jun 03, 2006 4:50pm PST

Other family Simon/Cath/Meg/Phil

Updated: Apr 24, 2006 3:41pm PST

My second family

Pennie was a lovely surprise, Joe an even better one.

Updated: Apr 20, 2006 4:32pm PST

My big boys

Updated: Mar 28, 2006 2:12pm PST

Infra Red Experiments.

Updated: Nov 17, 2005 8:55am PST

New Zealand

Updated: Oct 31, 2005 4:40pm PST

Hong Kong

Updated: Oct 03, 2005 9:28am PST